Map The Pledge

When you take the pledge to #StashYourTrash you’re representing a change in your community – and we want to show how far that’s spreading. The map below is updated weekly with listed locations of those who have taken the pledge to highlight your growing success with this program! We also have a weekly top list for overall pledges per community!

If you haven’t already go take the pledge by clicking here.

As of March 24, 2020 at 5:00 pm ET.

Top 10 municipalities where someone has taken the #StashYourTrash pledge:

  1. North Vancouver, British Columbia (8)
  2. Calgary, Alberta (6)
  3. Montreal, Quebec (5)
  4. Toronto, Ontario (5)
  5. Victoria, British Columbia (4)
  6. Ottawa, Ontario (3)
  7. Mississauga, Ontario (3)
  8. Hamilton, Ontario (3)
  9. Port Moody, British Columbia (3)
  10. Maple Ridge, British Columbia (3)

Can’t view the map on our page? Try clicking here to open with Google Maps. Data is not real time and no identifiable user data is used.